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Terms & Conditions

Important instructions when contracting

Contracting instructions

1 .The first 50% is to be paid via bank deposit, or through the office or visa (Address: Maraj City – Maadi– plot 9042 al mearag al sofly – near Carrefour – accounting dept)  01010504888 01010504888.)

INO for Trade & Agencies

EBE – Export Development Bank

Teseen St Branch

New cairo

Accout number 1230705

CIB – Mearag Branch Maadi


Pls press here to pay online

2. The first 50% is paid on the first day of execution (before work begins) (cash or visa or online)In case o before the day of execution )

3. Please collect all valuables and clothes before the team begins work and put them in a safe or a closed place

4. The supervisor of the operation will inspect the workplace upon entering to notify the customer of any belongings that are required to be placed in a safe place

or any remarks related  to the status of thesite (in case the location of the place has changed from the inspection or the photos sent or in the case if it is the first time we inspect the place)

5. In Case the client is not present during the implementation, a representative of the customer must be present during the implementation to follow any developments that may occur during the implementation

6. Any comments regarding the work must be mentioned to the supervisor to work on it on the same day of the operation

7. The following actions do not fall within the responsibilities of the team:

– Collecting &washing dishes, forks, knives, etc

– Collecting and arranging clothes

– Carrying antiques, lampshades and vases

– moving of furniture from the boxes

– removing construction waste

8. The customer undertakes to completely removefrom the place anything that impedes the cleaning work. In case the team arrives at the place and discovers things that impedes cleaning, the team will leave the site and the customer will pay 100% of the operation cost

9. The company prefers having a customer representative at the time of the team’s exit to confirm the good receipt of the site, to sign evaluations.The customer is free to inspect the team or the company’s Car when existing the Site.

Types of cleaning provided by the company

-Deep cleaning it is intended for removing traces of finishing from paints, cement, etc., grease, fat, etc. in the kitchen

-Basic cleaning:is intended for places that are cleaned periodically. Also, this type of cleaning does not include removing any stains, grease or paints, whether on floors, walls, glass, frames, or kitchen appliances

– Heavy Deep cleaning,: which is intended for units closed and uninhabited for a long time, and this type of cleaning requires special equipment and machinery due to the situation in which the place is “home / work “

-Daily Cleaning: where the client provides all cleaning tools and detergents and the company provides trained staff from 5 stars Hotels for a period that does not exceed 6 hours (pls ask for the complete scope of work of this service) 

-Deep cleaning for the furniture(washing or dry cleaning and removing stains) has a separate price list and does not fall within the framework of cleaning, whether deep or basic (dust is being done only from the furniture with a dust extraction machine as part of the basic or deep clean)

– Deep cleaning for furniture (sofas, chairs, mattress pillows, carpets, carpets, Curtains etc.): This is done by using the Puzzimachine from the German Karcher or the Italian Lavor company by pumping water added to the chemicals and then sucking them again, which makes the furniture wet by a rate of 10 to 20% ( velvet, leather, chamois or feather stuffing do not use the bunzzi machine and dry cleaning is used by the hoover and then a stain spray is applied) and it is the customer’s responsibility to inform us in advance of any furniture of a special nature that cannot be washed with water

Special instructions for offices

– A Representative must be available by the customer to transfer files and papers from the shelves and cupboards in order to be able clean

– All offices must be left free from any papers or other things

Regarding deep cleaning of home or commercial kitchens

1. Emptying of all kitchen contents “cups – dishes –” by the customer
2. Removing grease from floors, walls, and kitchen appliances
3. Clean the extractors fans from outside and inside “as much as we can reach ”
4.Cleaning the windows inside and out ” as much as we can reach”
5. Clean the sinks, mixers, cupboards and kitchen drawers
6.Cleaning the refrigerator from outside and inside with “specialized materials “
7. Clean the oven with “specialized materials” and steam
8. we Do not clean the following: cups – dishes –– spoons – forks – knives (except in the daily cleaning service )
9.Kitchen sterilization is done using specialized chemicals & steam
10. Polishing the floors with a single disc machine “If the space allows the machine to work”

Pest control

As For crawling insect – the three methods available are (all with a six-months warranty if they appear again in indoor areas) A maximum of 3 times:

– brown or white Gel : from the German company Bayer” is placed in hidden places: corners – under the home appliances in the kitchen – cupboard hinges etc. It does not require to leave the place because it is odorless (it has a gradual effect on insects (not a knock down effect)  until it gets its optimum results after 15 days (it has absolutely no effect on humans or animals)

-Using certified public health chemicals : “without smell – you don’t need to leave the place

– Public health pesticides are used for open areas “with a strong smell”. You need to empty the kitchen of any food or beverages, seal the food in a proper way, clear the place of pets, and leave the place closed for at least 1 full day.

Instructions for chemical treatment of Bedbugs, Ticks and Mites

1 – certified odorless Public health pesticides are sprayed all over the house

2 –  spraying is done around 50 cm on the walls from the ground 

3 – Before implementation, the kitchen should be free of food and beverages, Grains and oils are placed in a tightly closed box or plastic bag in the dining room.

4 – The house should be kept closed well 24hours of the operation.

5 – After 24hours of closing, the house is opened for ventilation for 6 hours, ( it should be left open without people’s  presence during the ventilation Period)  After 6 hours, the house should be cleaned well and using new and clean covers on the furniture (mattresses and sofas).

6 – After 15 days the service must be performed again as a preventive process. With same procedures as the first time 

7 – Very important: No one should be present other than the working team during the implementation of the service and during the Preventive operation to avoid an infection or allergy to the pesticide used since the working team have the necessary safety tools.

8 – we do offer deep house cleaning and furniture washing with an extra cost

9-Taking care of the cleanliness of the house well and being careful and keen on visitors to the house (workers)

Spraying concentration in the area where the dog lives in the house ( for The Tick control).

The dog is not allowed to return home for the duration of the dog’s treatment and for the duration of the controlWe cannot offer a warranty for this service as this type of instects is transported via pets which move in and out of the house

With regard to rodent control, the cost of the service includes the following: –

1- The team makes a number of (2) visits:

The first: to identify sources of infection and draw a plan of work and implement.

Second: To inspect and renew the bates and to inspect the stations on site 

2.  In case of repeated infection and the site needs to be supplied with new bates after the two main visits, an operation will be charged at a new cost.

With regard to rodent control, the cost of the service includes the following: –

1- The team makes a number of (2) visits:

The first: to identify sources of infection and draw a plan of work and implement.

Second: To inspect and renew the bates and to inspect the stations on site

2.  In case of repeated infection and the site

needs to be supplied with new bates after the two main visits, an operation will be charged at a new cost.

The Daily Cleaning Service from INO

After 10 years of our well-known services such as Deep Cleaning, AC duct cleaning, disinfection& pest control, INO now provides daily cleaning service provided by trained staff from five-star hotels from the housekeeping departments after providing them with the necessary training, after checking their CV and completing all security and health requirements. 

Sales numbers : Akram Essam 01002192962

Nader Sobhy 01024445099

Tamer Mahmoud 01000278998

Details of the service: (This service is mainly for homes, offices or shops that are cleaned periodically)

  Rooms Reception Bathrooms Kitchen
Dust extraction from windows
Wiping and polishing floors  
Vacuuming the balcony
—– —– Cleaning the units from the outside and polishing the mirrors
—– —– Sweeping dust from floors and carpets
—– —– Polishing of furniture, doors and light fixtures
—– —– —– Changing the bed sheets provided by the customer
—– —– —– Washing with soap basin, bathtub, toilets
—– —– —– wiping kitchen appliances from the outside
—– —– —– Washing a maximum of 15 pieces from the following Forks = spoons = knives = plates = cups or put them in the dishwasher without operating it (client will  run the dishwasher)

This service is provided within a maximum of 4 to 6 working hours

INO provides cleaning services for outdoor areas: cleaning green areas, fences, gates, pergolas, lighting cords and around swimming pools – please contact the sales department for further info

The worker will always wear a mask during the operation – the client can always buy all the necessary infection control supplies such as gloves, gowns, cover shoes and cover heads so that the worker can wear if requested

Client needs to provide the cleaning materials + tools + machines + all safety supplies such as gloves gowns head and cover shoes

Minimum requirements :
1Glance  – Wood polishing spray-5 clean Towels–1 Air freshener-  1 detergent
Broom- Mop–Hoover – Shovel–rubbish bags- 2 Sponges

All these products are provided in our online store, In case any product from the above list is missing.

Note this service does not include:

Cleaning any units “cupboards / drawers / niches … etc” from the inside
Washing the walls
Cleaning Chandeliers
Washing curtains and upholstery or removing stains
Removing traces of building materials such as cement, paints and glue
Removing rust
Removing dried stickers
Cleaning the inside of kitchen appliances
Degreasing appliances or walls
Moving heavy appliances
Cleaning high light fixtures

To request these services, please contact the Sales Department

Terms of contracting:

1- If the worker arrives and waits for the client for more than 30 minutes, the worker will leave the site and the customer will bear 50% of the invoice value.

2- In the event that the worker arrives, and the service is cancelled without giving any reasons, the customer shall bear 50% of the invoice value

3- If the service is cancelled during implementation without giving any reasons, the customer shall bear 100% of the invoice value

4- If the worker is 60 minutes late for the agreed upon time, the customer has the right to cancel the service

5- If the area, site details and the condition of the place differ from what is reported, the sales department will be contacted to determine the final price before starting work.

6. In case of any disagreement with the worker, please contact Mr. Mohamed Hassan, Director of Operations – Mobile: 01101842855

7. The customer can cancel the service no less than 6 hours before the implementation date


  • Cash (Upon arrival)
  • Online payment.